Being You

When I talk to people about nutrition and training, or take on a new client, one of the first questions I get is: “How much weight will I lose?”…Or…”How long will it take me to lose X number of pounds?…Or…”How long before I get six-pack abs?” All of the questions have the same goal of a visible aesthetic change, and all of my answers to those questions are typically vague. I have no idea how much weight someone will lose in a month, and I will never give someone a hard and fast number. I know that if you eliminate certain foods, train hard, and get plenty of sleep you will lose inches. I can’t say the same for weight. I’ve seen people who have a ton of weight to lose, lose very little, and people with no weight to lose, lose 10 pounds in a month.

Everyone is wired differently. Some people will never have six-pack abs. Other people will never be able to develop their calf muscles. And then there are some who just look at weights and put on muscle. It’s all frustrating, but it’s genetics and you can’t change that unless you happen to be exposed to gamma rays, or bitten by a radioactive spider, or sent to another planet that’s sun gives you incredible abilities. If any of those scenarios happen, then you might be able to change your genetics.

As I wrote in The Death of Paleo, you can’t eat like me because you’re not me. You also can’t look like me. Only I can look like me. The same as I can never look like you because I’m not you. Unless you’re a shapeshifter like Mystique or the T-1000 (You’re not a shapeshifter, are you?), all any of us can ever hope for is to be the best versions of ourselves; and look, feel, and perform our best with what we’ve got.

When you understand that, it puts any goal to change your body composition into a much better perspective, and sets you up for more realistic, attainable and maintainable goals.


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