The Tale of Jim Jupiter

jim1 There once was an episode of Married with Children called “Dead Men Don’t Do Aerobics,” in which a TV aerobics instructor named Jim Jupiter tries to get the Bundys in shape, but instead he succumbs to their sedentary lifestyle and dies of a heart attack after eating junk food.

In the end the wisdom of Al Bundy shines through with these words:

“Now, Peg, I know you think you’re responsible for killing Jim. And yet you have no guilt of squashing the life out of me, but that’s another meeting. Anyway, what I’m saying is, you didn’t kill Jim. Good health killed Jim. See, he purified his body so completely, that when finally called on to do so, he couldn’t handle the grease and sugar and toxic waste that we call food. He rendered himself extinct. See, healthy people are like dinosaurs. They’re not fit to survive.”

The moral of the story is that you can’t be 100% anything, 100% of the time. And if you are, any drastic deviation from that will have repercussions. This is not to say that you should eat whatever you want whenever you want, or that you should be ultra strict about every single thing that you eat. Life is meant to be lived, so having some treats is fine. The 80/20 rule works well for a lot of people. But you have to realize that the cleaner you eat, the more severe the reaction will be if you go way off the reservation and eat like a food is going out of style.


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