Small Victories

Everyone needs a win every now and then. Some times the smallest of goals, the smallest of victories, can keep you going. Previously, I wrote about the impact momentum can have on anything you’re doing. When the momentum is leaning toward the positive, it can keep you going. When the momentum is leaning toward the negative, it can paralyze you.

During every workout I talk to myself. In passing, I might sound like the crazy guy on the street corner wearing a sandwich board that reads: “The End is Nigh,” shouting profanities at the sky. Okay, maybe that’s not too far off.

During every workout, especially a metcon, I put all of my focus on my breathing (trying to keep myself calm and composed) and give myself small victories: Just get through these pull-ups and then you can take a short break. Just run to that telephone and then you can shake out your legs. 5 reps left. 4 reps left. 3 reps left (don’t put the bar down). 2 reps left. Last one.

These mini goals within the larger workout give me small victories and keep me focused, calm and moving toward the finish in an otherwise chaotic fight-or-flight state that most CrossFit metcons induce.

You can be your own coach. Talking yourself through problems, or tough situations, can be just as helpful as having someone cue you, or push you externally. Creating small goals, and small victories, within your workouts will keep you focused and moving. A little bit of positive self-talk goes a long way. Give yourself a win.


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