Photo: moritzaust

Photo: moritzaust

I don’t play many video games these days, but I remember in the early versions of Madden Football there was a momentum meter in the top corner of the screen. If you made a good play, the meter would move up a little bit. Keep making good plays and the momentum meter kept increasing until it glowed and radiated with power. The crowd loses their damn minds. You continue to make plays you otherwise would not be able to make. Calls go in your favor. Miracles happen on the field.

The physics of success is much the same. Success breeds success. It’s all about momentum.

Stagnant momentum tends to stay stagnant. Momentum in motion tends to stay in motion.

If the momentum is going your way, ride it. Keep making good calls. Keep moving forward. Make the big plays, and it will keep going your way.

Starting is the hardest part. Creating the momentum from nothing takes work. But all it takes is one good play to move the meter in your favor.


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