Stop Cherry-Picking Your Workouts

We’ve all done it before. We’ll favor the workouts that we’re better at. The movements we’re stronger at. Pick the ones that won’t hurt as much and only do those workouts. There’s running in this workout? 10 meters? You want me to run 10 meters? In a row? That’s like 32 feet. No way. I hate running. Mandatory rest day. This workout has handstand pushups? Looks like it’s Open Gym for this guy. Double unders again? Didn’t we do them last month? I’ll be in the dungeon. Deadlifting. Like a boss.

You’ll never grow as an athlete or develop a broader base of fitness if you constantly cherry-pick your workouts. If you’re someone who only does the long workouts, or only does the short workouts because that’s your ideal time domain, you’re missing out. It all matters. It’s not a waste of your time. A 3-minute burner is just as valuable to your fitness as a 30-minute grind. If you don’t understand that, then you’re completely missing the boat on the CrossFit methodology.

Dedicated strength sessions are just as important as appropriate scaling to maximize your power output in a metcon. Don’t avoid the strength days. You won’t get bulky. You’ll just get stronger. CrossFit isn’t all lung burning metcons. There are 10 general physical skills required of optimal physical competence. You can’t focus on just 5 of them and expect greatness.

You don’t need to do a metcon every day. You don’t need to be sobbing in the fetal position on the floor in order to get an effective hormonal and metabolic dose. You just need to show up, do the work, and not avoid certain workouts simply because they expose your weaknesses. Acknowledge your weaknesses and attack them. Sweep the leg. No mercy.


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