The Goal is to Keep the Goal the Goal

Photo: moritzaust

Photo: moritzaust

A new year generally brings about new goals and resolutions. Most of these goals burn hot for the first couple weeks, but by the time February rolls around have fizzled out to nothing. Why don’t these goals hold up? Is it because your resolve isn’t very strong? Or, is it because you were drunk and talking out of your ass when you came up with these goals?

What is your goal? Big or small, what is it? Do you want to be an actor? Finish your degree? Or just get out of your soul-crushing job and do the things that actually matter to you? Whatever it may be, is your goal realistic? Is it attainable? When you wake up tomorrow will that thing still be your goal? In a month from now will it still be your goal? What about six months from now? What if your goal takes a year or more to accomplish? Can you keep your eye on the prize for that long?

“The goal is to keep the goal the goal.” Simple but effective words from strength coach Dan John. But that’s the biggest challenge with goals: staying motivated and focused on that one thing.

In order to keep the goal the goal make it visible every day. A picture. A phrase. A word. Something that you can see that will reaffirm your motivation each day so that you can keep putting in the work and keep the goal the goal. It’s really easy to get distracted and jump ship to a new program or concept that offers you short cuts, but the real test is can you keep at it day after day, slowly chipping away, until you’ve accomplished your goal? Because once you’ve blown up the Deathstar and defeated the Empire, you get to party with the Ewoks. And that’s worth it, right?


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