Eggs Around the World (and Other Breakfast Ideas)

Usually into the second week of working with a new client I’ll get asked, “What else can I have for breakfast besides eggs?” I usually don’t have a ton of answers for them because the way I structure my program, I don’t give people a lot of wiggle room in the beginning.

I personally never get tired of eating eggs every day because I really like eggs, and I mix up the spices and how I cook them. Some days it’s a scramble. Some days it’s sunny side up. Other days it’s a frittata.

I’ll frequently make a breakfast casserole because it’s convenient and easy, and I can rotate the veggies and spices for variety. Try out some of the combinations below with different veggies. Hopefully, you’ll never tire of eggs with all of these different flavor options.

Nepalese – chile, lime, ginger
Mexican – scallions (green onions), chile, lime
Thai – scallions, ginger, chile, cilantro
Asian – scallions, ginger, coconut aminos (soy sauce alternative)
Northeast African – garlic powder, cumin, mint
Middle Eastern – dried parsley, add lemon just before eating
Indian – curry powder
Moroccan – cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger and onion
Greek – olive oil, lemon, oregano
Italian – olive oil, garlic, basil
(list abridged from The 4-Hour Chef)

Other breakfast ideas are to just eat leftovers for dinner. People have breakfast for dinner all the time. Why not dinner for breakfast? Or, if you’re not hungry, skip breakfast. As long as you have your lunch already prepared it’s fine to skip breakfast every now and then.


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