The Lemonade Stand

Photo credit: Jessica Rose

Photo credit: Jessica Rose

Like many other kids, I tried my hand at a lemonade stand one summer. Even as a child I wanted to make things my own. I didn’t just set up shop and expect people to start handing me quarters for sugary water. I made flyers written in yellow highlighter (Because that’s the color of lemonade, get it? Yeah, even back then I was blowing people’s minds.), and posted them to every street sign within a few blocks of my house (because that’s as far as I was allowed to go on my own).

I thought I was being clever in my approach to selling lemonade. Rather than grinding it out in the hot sun, peddling yellow swill to the passersby, I thought I’d take the lemonade game to the next level and make it an event. My lemonade stand was only going to be there for a limited time. This was exclusive stuff.

I remember writing, “Be there or be square.” at the bottom of all my flyers. This was around the time of the first Back to The Future movie, and I think I was trying to tap into some of that Enchantment Under the Sea Dance market. Which, in my mind, was huge. The other kids in the neighbor didn’t understand the phrase “be there or be square,” or my reference to pop culture. This would prove to be a recurring theme throughout my life. Either way, I was breaking new ground. The lemonade stand world was being turned upside down.

I don’t remember how much I made, probably a few dollars. It was all profit anyway (my parents supplied all the raw materials). What I do remember is that I made it fun and creative, and I owned the entire process.

Make lemonade, and make it your own.


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