Photo credit: Anna Nguyen

Photo credit: Anna Nguyen

Are you in control? Janet Jackson thought she was in control. So did Patrick Bateman (link NSFW). We can look at control in our own lives as showing restraint and maturity. Having command of a situation. Being in charge. Having the power (whatever that means). Some want to be in control of every facet of their life, and have trouble dealing with situations that are beyond their control. While others resign themselves to the notion that their life is out of their control, and that they are simply along for the ride.

A lot of the time we worry and stress about things we have zero control over in our lives: Traffic, the weather, accidents, mistakes, the crazy things other people say and do. Let’s face it, you can’t control the weather but you can control where you live. You can’t control traffic but you can control whether or not it bothers you. And unless you have telekinetic powers, or some serious blackmail on someone, you can’t control the thoughts, decisions or actions of others.

The only thing you can control in your life is you.


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