Surviving The Holidays – Part 1: Danger Zones

Why do we gain weight between Thanksgiving and New Years? Is it the excessive carbs, sugar and alcohol intake? Is it the lack of total hours and quality of sleep? Or is it the added stress of trying to deal with the madness that is the holiday season? Yes, yes, and yes. All of the above contribute to holiday weight gain.

Instead of guzzling down leprechaun nuggets and unicorn sliders, it’s time to get your shit together. What if you could avoid a lot of the residual holiday weight gain mess and not start the new year off with some fleeting resolution? In this 3-part series we’ll talk about how to survive the holidays and start the new year off right.

In our everyday lives we are bombarded with Danger Zones, and not just the catchy Top Gun soundtrack kind. The problem with Danger Zones is that they only seem to magnify during the holiday season. Danger Zones are the recurring people and situations that lead to your dietary downfall. It may come in the form of the co-worker with the bottomless candy dish. The endless holiday parties and family gatherings. Candies and sweets in the home. Donuts at office meetings. The enabling spouse or family member that triggers you to make bad food decisions.

Here is your homework: take 2 minutes and identify the Danger Zones in your life. You can even go one step further and leave them in the comments below. Once you’ve identified these Danger Zones, you are now in a position to start doing something about them. Acknowledging them is the first step. In Part 3 of this series, we’ll discuss how to address these Danger Zones and how to build the self-discipline to conquer them.


One response to “Surviving The Holidays – Part 1: Danger Zones

  1. My danger zones:
    1) Working from home within earshot of my refrigerator’s “Careless Whisper.” []
    2) Food I keep in the house for my kids, which includes bread, bread, and bread. And tortillas.
    3) Thanksgiving pie; Christmas cookies.

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