The Danger Of Having Ideas

You don’t want to read this blog. No good will come from it. Look away before it permanently scars you. The content here is dangerous because it’s just that: content. There is thought behind the words. I’m not going to tell you about my day. Or take pictures of every meal I ate. That’s not content. That’s something else. The danger here is that this blog is full of ideas, and ideas are dangerous. Ideas are why people go to war. Why people kill. Why people hate. But ideas are also why people love. Create. Innovate. Inspire.

This blog is dangerous because some of these ideas might bring you to happiness. And let’s say you begin to realize what makes you happy and you actually start doing something about it. Then what? Do you quit your job? Cut out the excess waste in your life? Avoid the toxic people that drag you down? Start actually living your life? No good can come from that, right? That’s dangerous. Actually doing something, that’s risky. You shouldn’t do that. Stay put in your safe bubble. In your boring, uninspired job. Going through the same routine day after day. You can just buy your happiness, right? Why else do you have that all that stuff? Or maybe you should be honest with yourself and just ask yourself what do you really want?

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.


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