$10 Bacon

Oh, bacon. Meat candy. Breakfast dessert. You are truly amazing. You could wrap anything, and I mean anything, in bacon and people will eat it. If you’re a meat eater, chances are you eat bacon and without hesitation.

Now what if I told you that I spent $10 on a pound of bacon, what would you say to me? You might say, “That’s ridiculous! I couldn’t afford that.” Or perhaps, “Wow, you must really like bacon. That’s a lot of money to spend.” Or even, “I only eat turkey bacon. Regular bacon isn’t good for you.” To that I would reply, show me where bacon comes from on a turkey?

All of those responses are valid except for the last one which doesn’t make any logical sense. But is $10 bacon something most people could afford? I would have to say yes and here’s why. Anytime someone says they can’t afford something that is within a reasonable price range they are simply saying that they don’t value that item, and that is a perfectly legitimate response. But let’s be honest, tell me that the item or service doesn’t matter enough to you to spend that much money. Don’t tell me you can’t afford it. $10 is $10. Whether you spend it on bacon, or two lattes, or The Karate Kid Part 2 on dvd, the price is still the same. The items may be different and the implied value is greatly different, but it’s still $10.

What if I were to tell you that the bacon came from a humanely raised and 100% pastured pig? Does that make it worth $10? What if I were to say I bought it at a local farmers market from the farmer himself, and that his farm was less than 100 miles from my home. Does the fact that I’m supporting a local sustainable farmer, purchasing a humanely raised, 100% pastured, top quality product with minimal environmental impact apply any more value to the product? Total that up and add to it that I really enjoy bacon, and yes, $10 is well within my means and I’m happy to pay it.

As I’ve said before, you can’t afford cheap food. There are many things in our lives we’d like to do, or have, or experience, but we tell ourselves that we can’t because we think we can’t afford it, or don’t have the time. But look at all the little inconsequential things we waste our time and money on each day, and that really don’t matter to us individually. If you really want something, you will find a way to pay for it and the time to do it, if you truly value it. Define for yourself what matters in your own life and $10 bacon might not seem so expensive anymore.

So tell me, what do you value? Leave a comment below.


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