The Life List

In the fall of  2004 I read an article about the idea of a Life List. The article went on to mention a few celebrities and people of influence and some of the items on their Life Lists. Some of the items were major milestones & monumental accomplishments, while others were fairly commonplace and something you can do with little effort.

This was a couple years before The Bucket List made it to the big screen, but when that movie did come out I remember thinking what a depressing title. Life List has a much better ring to it. A list of things you want to accomplish during your life. As opposed to a list of things you want to scratch off because the end is near. Let’s turn that frown upside down and focus on the living part of life.

I keep my Life List in my wallet on two little folded pieces of paper. From time to time I take it out and look it over. Eight years later some of those items no longer interest me, some I’ve accomplished, most I still want to accomplish, with a few more items I’d like to add to it.

Here is my original list in the order it was written:

1.) Catch a foul ball/homerun at a MLB game
2.) Learn to scuba dive
3.) Swim with dolphins
4.) Learn how to surf
5.) Climb Mt. Everest
6.) Kayak in Alaska
7.) Compete in a triathlon
8.) Run a half marathon
9.) Run the Great Wall of China
10.) Compete in the open division of a pro beach volleyball tournament
11.) Get a masters degree
12. ) Get a doctorate
13.) See the Northern Lights
14.) Write a book
15.) See the Pyramids in Egypt
16.) Sail on the Nile
17.) Learn Japanese
18.) Have a BBQ in Antarctica
19.) Own a classic muscle car
20.) Learn Russian
21.) See the Southern Cross
22.) Travel to Ireland
23.) See a toilet flush counterclockwise
24.) Visit every MLB ballpark
25.) Travel to Spain
26.) Travel to England
27.) Travel to Germany
28.) Travel to Belgium
29.) Travel to Czech Republic
30.) Travel to Austria
31.) Join the Mile High Club
32.) Travel to Russia
33.) Travel to Japan
34.) Learn to play the saxophone
35.) Learn to read sheet music
36.) Get a patent or copyright
37.) Start a non-profit
38.) Travel to China
39.) Travel to Greece
40.) Learn how to ski/snowboard
41.) Read The Fountainhead
42.) Earn a black belt in a martial art

As you can see there is a running theme of travel and travel related items on this list.

Of the 42 items I’ve completed the following:

2.) Learn to scuba dive
8.) Run a half marathon
11.) Get a masters degree
26.) Travel to England

Not bad, but not great. There’s only a few items I would remove because they just don’t interest me anymore (items: 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 41), but more importantly the 2012 version of me has a few new goals.

43.) Stay in an overwater bungalow (pictured above)
44.) Make a documentary
45.) Quit my day job and work for myself full time
46.) Be debt free

What’s on your life list?


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